pricing policy: Ciele Athletics Inc. request its products not to be included in any "sale" or "promotional" events, if you are unhappy with sell through of a particular product please contact your local representative in order to discuss a resolution.

guarantee: keep your customers happy! use our "million miles guarantee" to your benefit. offer "no questions asked" refunds or replacements to any customer with a valid and reasonable return request. then contact your sales rep to organize the refund/replacement credit. timely

payments: if we offer payment with "terms", they will be clearly noted on the footer of any/all invoices. if your payment is not received on time you will be charged 1.5% interest per month (calculated monthly) on all overdue balances. if a payment delay occurs the next order will be subject to "payment required before shipment".

online sales: Ciele Athletics Inc. reserves the right to sell our product online globally. store specific websales only are permitted by customer ex. “myrunstore.com”. 3rd party online marketplace listings are prohibited (Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc).

accepted payment methods:

  • by cheque: please send a cheque to Ciele Athletics Inc. with the sender's address
  • by credit card: using the payment link located at the bottom of your invoices. please note that Ciele Athletics Inc. does not keep any credit card information in file for security purposes.
  • by ACH payment: using the bank information on the invoice. please send all proof of payment to [email protected].

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